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Turn your content into cash

Easy earnings without any fees. Generate income from subscriptions, paid chats, tips, and withdraw your money quickly to your wallet.

Earn big by supporting creators and the community

The more you support your community and favorite creators, the more rewards you earn. Plus, enjoy extra benefits by staking RPK tokens.

Start earning on RepubliK today

Earn with exclusive content, paid chats, user tips, and staking RPK

Charge for access to your exclusive content

Monetize your best work by providing exclusive content to paying subscribers.

Collect tips from your supporters

Monetize your content by receiving tips from users who appreciate your work.

Charge for access to your private chat

Offer paid access to locked chat rooms where users can have private conversations with you.

Stake RPK for extra rewards

Maximize your earnings by staking RPK tokens. Enjoy monthly rewards just for holding and staking your tokens.

Contribute to the community and get rewarded

Earn XP points by contributing to the community. Share quality content and engage your audience to aid our AI in improving recommendations and identifying inappropriate posts. Daily RPK rewards are given out proportionally to your XP score and activity of the last days.

How to get the most out of the Daily Community Rewards

Create an account

Sign up now to join our vibrant community! Get started by creating your account today.

Invite your audience to RepubliK

Spread the word and invite your friends and followers to join RepubliK! Help us grow our community.

Post awesome content and be active daily

Share your thoughts, ideas, and creativity with the community! Stay engaged and contribute regularly.

Stake RPK to boost your rewards

Increase your rewards by staking RPK tokens! Amplify your earnings by staking your tokens. Buy RPK in app

Get XP daily rewards

Gain XP points every day for your contributions.

Enjoy daily RPK Community Rewards

Participate actively and reap the benefits with weekly RPK rewards! Join in and enjoy weekly rewards for your contributions.

Stake RPK to boost your rewards

Stake RPK in the RepubliK app to get additional XP Multiplier and status of a legit user

No Stake
average reward weekly 5 RPK
Community rewards
Get started
500 RPK Staked
average reward weekly 10 RPK
Community rewards
up to 35% staking APY
Get started
1.000 RPK Staked
average reward weekly 50 RPK
Community rewards
up to 35% staking APY
Get started
5.000 RPK Staked
average reward weekly 250 RPK
Community rewards
up to 35% staking APY
Get started
10.000 RPK Staked
average reward weekly 500 RPK
Community rewards
up to 35% staking APY
Beta features access
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Empowering the community through AI

Your Voice, Your Rules

On RepubliK, the community calls the shots on free speech and content guidelines. Supported by AI technology, community decisions are enforced to maintain a platform that aligns with their collective vision.

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