Decentralised Content Moderation

Democratising Social Media Governance by Giving Power to the Community

In a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), RepubliK has launched a new social media platform that employs AI technologies and services to assess content quality, social engagement, and reward content creators. This article delves into the technical intricacies and transformative features that position RepubliK as a pioneer in the integration of AWS AI technologies, setting a new standard for effortlessly matching content creators with their audience. 

Ensuring Authenticity: AI-Verified User Authentication

At the forefront of RepubliK's user onboarding process is a robust AI-driven authentication system. Serving as the initial step, this system conducts a swift liveness check to distinguish genuine human users from potential bots. This verification process not only ensures the security of our platform but is also the first crucial step in guaranteeing that only authentic human users are eligible for rewards. Upon successful verification, users' wallets are activated, serving as the prerequisite for them to start receiving rewards within the RepubliK community.

AI technologies driving content dynamics

At the heart of RepubliK's innovation lies AI technology, governing how content quality is assessed and rewarded. Harnessing the advanced capabilities of Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Personalize, the platform meticulously analyzes images and videos, not only with precision but also with an ability to detect genuine human-generated content and animated creations.


But here's where it gets even more interesting. The AI goes beyond simple recognition; it actively measures the level of engagement a user has for different types of content. Unlike other platforms, RepubliK's social media space goes beyond traditional paradigms, differentiating itself by focusing on deep user interactions. Instead of relying solely on surface-level metrics such as likes and comments, RepubliK's algorithms delve into a more nuanced evaluation, generating a richer perspective on a user’s interests and interactions. 

Matching content creators with their audience

This innovative approach enables RepubliK to create personalized content journeys for users. By matching content creators with their target audience, the platform not only fosters genuine connections but also significantly boosts rewards for content creators. The more exposure they get, the quicker and more substantial their rewards become, creating a symbiotic relationship between creators and their audience.

This dynamic system empowers RepubliK not only to recognize authenticity in content creation but also to reward content creators based on the depth of engagement and the quality of their contributions to the community.

Anticipating tomorrow

As RepubliK and AWS shape the future landscape of social media, an evolution is underway. This forward movement invites users to explore the capabilities of the first web3 SocialFi platform utilizing AI technologies for precise content quality assessment, measurement of social engagement, and equitable user rewards. Join us in exploring the possibilities that emerge as AI intersects with authenticity, defining new dimensions in the world of social media.